Having debris or snow blocking pathways is a dangerous liability for property managers and residents alike. It is essential to keep all pathways clear and open so that everyone can have easy access to the property, which is why we are here to help. If you require compact loaders or skid steers, then G. McNeill & Son is the company to call.
person shoveling
Having ice on a residential or commercial property is not only unsafe but can cause serious damage to areas like parking lots and walkways. Commercial property owners can end up with unhappy customers, or worse, find themselves in a sticky legal situation over things like black ice or vehicle damage. Most property owners understand the importance of eliminating ice as soon as possible to prevent such unwelcome events. To keep ice at bay, property owners often consult snow and ice control companies like G. McNeill & Son, who offer tailored ice control using water management.
Commercial Fencing Installation on the South Shore may be desirable for a variety of different reasons. Not only do fences provide a source of privacy, but they can also be the first line of defense for criminal activity and child safety. Additionally, building a barrier around your commercial property can improve the ease of landscaping and settle ongoing property line disputes. If you operate out of a warehouse or manage a campus with multiple dwellings, you may consider a barrier to prevent trespassing.
Parking lot repairs
There are many crucial considerations in running your business. Customer satisfaction, profit and loss, keeping employees satisfied and working efficiently, and dozens of other priorities compete for your attention every day.  One thing that probably isn’t on your mind, at least until the next snowstorm, is parking lot maintenance. Have you stopped to consider that your parking lot is the very first impression your business makes on its customers? At McNeil & Son Contracting Group, Inc., we specialize in property and parking lot maintenance on the south shore. Our business is keeping your business operational and looking pristine.