Snow Removal

Boston and New England area winters are well known for being tough, especially for commercial property owners juggling one or multiple places that need inclement weather handling. Thanks to G. McNeill & Son, you don’t have to deal with them by yourself. Let our team of professionals deal with Mother Nature this winter.

Snow Removal Services in Boston MA

Our commercial snow removal & management division provides around the clock service so that your employees, customers, residents & suppliers arrive safe and sound. Parking areas, access roads, walkways & entrances get immediate and constant attention throughout all winter events. We work with dedicated professionalism and attention to detail exceeding our clients’ expectations.

Many properties require snow to be hauled on site to a snow storage location while others require snow to be removed from the site to maintain safety & adequate parking. Depending on the scope of work, hauling is typically performed after the snowfall. However, we begin hauling during the snow event keeping your property cleaner & safer while reducing your budgets.

Our Suite of Commercial Snow Removal Services

G. McNeill & Son’s commercial snow management division specializes in winter maintenance tailored for the following types of businesses in the Boston area:

Commercial Snow Plowing Services

The first thing that people think about when a snowfall starts coming down is “when will the snow plow come?” And trust us, commercial snow plowing in the Boston MA area is so essential for everyone driving to work or forgetting some sort of emergency supplies at the store.

Snow Shoveling Service

One of the more common services that our customers ask about is snow shoveling since plowing only removes what’s on the road. Shoveling can help with more detailed areas the plow can’t reach like walkways, ramps and parking spaces in apartment & business complexes.

Snow Removal & Plowing Contract

Our team of experts will give you a pre-season assessment of your property in order to let you know what the best snow management methods would be to meet your specific needs. That’s why we offer a number of different contracts to let you get the service you need while sticking to your budget.

Roof Snow Removal

What’s on the ground is probably a more immediate need during a light snowfall or a snowstorm, but you can’t forget about the accumulation of snow & ice on the roof of the buildings on your property. That’s because it could lead to some severe property damage if not addressed in a timely fashion.

Ice Removal & Control

We have a proactive approach to ice control including pre-treatment, water management for refreeze, site monitoring & post-snowfall inspections. We are committed to protecting our environment and are continually seeking improvements in our processes & products.

We use salt that has been treated with a magnesium chloride liquid, which is more effective in lower temperatures, less corrosive & has a much better residual effect. We are committed to using eco-friendly ice melt, less harmful to your plantings, safe for your family pets, and works to sub-zero temperatures. Also, our liquid de-icing system works excellent on those Boston ice storms.

Snow Melting Service

A snow melting machine can be essential when dealing with large storms and extreme weather conditions. The more time and fuel you expend on snow removal & ice management, the more it costs. A snow melter can save as much as 30-40% compared to the cost of traditional hauling operations.
Your facility can remain secure, operational & you can eliminate the hassle of looking for places to pile up snow. You could diversify your business or simply manage varied snow removal operations more efficiently.


Loader & Skid Steer Snow Removal

Our compact loader and skid steer snow removal services allow us to take care of any truly heavy lifting you need for really severe storms. Skid steers and compact loaders can do a lot of the work in smaller worksites, as they can help dig, push or haul snow and other debris that needs to be removed due to a snowfall.

G. McNeill & Son has the equipment and employs expert operators for the worst that mother nature has to offer during the coldest time of the year without ruining the landscaping of your property.


Proudly Serving Boston MA and the South Shore

By recognizing the need for detailed and accurate precipitation forecasts, we utilize all the technology available. This real-time information by expert meteorologists eliminates confusing forecasts in order to alert our crews & clients before the weather event begins. After the storm abates, you will receive certified weather data by a third-party service center verifying the amount of snowfall received.

When a winter storm strikes, G. McNeill & Son will make sure your property remains safe and accessible with our suite of commercial snow removal services. We have built our reputation through consistency and reliability along with our high quality equipment & materials which makes us a leader in managing the winter weather clean up process. We are a proud member of SIMA & ASCA.

From a light drizzle to the biggest storms, whether your site is large or small, you can depend on our snow management division to keep your property clear all winter long. We have been delivering exceptional service in the greater Boston area for more than 45 years, so give us a call to get started!