Roof Snow Removal Tools

Many homeowners & businesses in the greater Boston MA experience snow settling on their roofs during the winter months. A light dusting is rarely a problem, but damage may occur when too much snow piles up on a roof at once.

Excessive snow buildup might also cause personal injuries. It’s easy to focus on snow accumulating on the ground, but where there is a lot of snow every year, you also have to deal with what gets on the roof.

Using salt as a quick fix may seem appealing, but it will cause more damage to your roof because salts corrode your roof’s shingles, damage your gutters and landscaping. If you have a wooden floor, you might have wood floor repair to think about if the roof caves in. Our next section addresses roof snow removal tools and why hiring a professional is necessary.

Rooftop Snow Removal Tools

During winter, many options are available for roof maintenance, ranging from price & ease of use to complexity. You have the basic shovel on one end – inexpensive but requires considerable effort when used from a rooftop & can pose serious safety risks.

While on the other, you have high-end electric/radiant heating systems that cost thousands to install and only a flip switch to operate. Then there is the in-between as you continue reading below.


Sometimes a shovel will be the only way to remove snow from the roof. Since you will probably stretch from a ladder, you want a lightweight plastic shovel that you can easily maneuver. When climbing to the roof in the winter, be sure to wear the proper safety equipment because your safety is paramount. We recommend snow shoveling only on flat roofs relatively low to the ground.

Radiant/Electric Heating Systems

Heated cables are one of the most popular “alternatives” to roof snow removal. If you have extra coins to spare, you may install heat cables to prevent snow from piling up on your roof. The problem is that a range of hot cables won’t mitigate Mother Nature’s effects in the wintertime or do much more than melt little grooves in the snow after a major snowstorm. Only a few majorities of people successfully use heat cables on a long-term basis; if you are one of them, consider yourself fortunate.

The cost of running and installing heat cables is also prohibitive. Installation costs alone are pretty high for heat cables because of their specialized nature. Further, heat cables are always in contact with a dead-short circuit. These cables use a lot of electricity and frequently short out, explaining why hiring a snow removal professional is necessary.

Snow Removal with a Roof Rake

Although labor-intensive, this roof snow removal tool is a more deliberate method for removing snow. Snow roof rakes feature a rubber “squeegee” blade at the end of a long telescoping handle. You can find 21-foot rakes on the market!

Plunge the rake into the upper area of the snow patch you desire to remove. As soon as you reach a solid roof, pull the rake backward. Be sure nothing is immediately below the snow’s point of impact as with the previous snow removal strategies.

Rooftop Snow Removal Tools

Why Get Commercial Roof Snow Removal Service?

Choosing the best time for roof snow removal also depends on how heavy the snow is. Wet, heavy snow can weigh six times more than lighter, dryer snow. But keeping your roof free of snow is crucial for preventing ice dams from forming.

Ice Dams

Improper insulation and ventilation are the primary causes of ice dams. Ice dams will form when one area of your roof is warmer than 32 degrees but another is colder. As the snow melts, it will move down your roof.

As soon as it reaches the cooler part of your roof, it freezes again. What happens? Ice dams. Your roof will be far less likely to leak and damage the building if you prevent ice dams.

The Risk of Leaks and Roof Cave-ins

Keeping all that excess weight off your roof is another reason to remove your roof snow. An inch of snow weighs about a pound per square foot. Twelve inches of snow on your roof could cause thousands of pounds of stress. In winter, a lighter roof is a great way to reduce the risk of leaking and cave-ins, minimizing the need for wood floor repair eventualities.

Among the other reasons for snow removal are:

  • Blockages in vents
  • Flooding in the attic
  • Deterioration of the home structure
  • Snowfall personal injuries

Do not let heavy snowfall damage your commercial or residential property. Contact G. McNeill & Son today. Our professional team works quickly to remove snow from your roof and any ice dams.

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