Flamethrower Snow Removal

Fire throwers are one of history’s most incredible weapons, and it’s thrilling to shoot fire at your target (snow). But while flamethrowers are excellent, it’s questionable whether they work as snow removal tools.

During the winter season in Stoughton, Massachusetts, residents face 27.4 snowfall days and 15 inches (381mm) of snow accumulation. Can fire throwers solve your problems no matter how ridiculously awesome that blanket of frosty white may look? Let’s find out below.

Can You Use a Flamethrower for Snow?

Even if you feel trapped under the snow for a long time, a flamethrower is not at least legally best to clear it. Melting snow (and ice) requires tremendous amounts of energy. Moreover, when you heat snow, it diffuses throughout the mass before melting. Therefore, flamethrowers are not recommended for snow removal.

Snow melts and runs off as water. The water will re-freeze if there isn’t a clear drain for it to drain off, which is more damaging than the snow you melted. In addition, your compound has collateral damages like burning grass, landscaping, and trees. These items are most likely burnt or otherwise damaged by flames during the winter since very little moisture is available.

Why We Don’t Recommend Flamethrower Snow Removal

We might not recommend a flamethrower for many reasons, but the best one is where does the water go? What happens if you melt snow on a road or sidewalk? Are you going to open the storm drain so the water can drain? Unless the water is drained, it can freeze, leading to ice forming on the ground. 

As the snow melts on the pavement, water seeps into cracks and crevices, where it freezes and expands. It will crack the roads and sidewalks and cause potholes. Besides, can you trust any of the people you know with a flamethrower without causing any accidents? It’s more of a safety concern for many.

Proper Snow Removal Tools

Snow removal will depend on the amount, type, and presence of ice involved in the snowfall and how much snow is in a pile. Here are some scenarios and the best ways to remove snow for each.

Ice Melt vs. Rock Salt: Age-old Controversy. 

There’s no right or wrong answer, but here are a few facts that may help you:

  • Rock salt is only effective at 5°F, while calcium chloride ice melts can work at -25°F.
  • Speed— The ice melt option is traditionally considered faster, but rock salt can also increase traction faster, even though it does not melt ice as quickly.
  • Damage— Both types of ice melting agents indeed cause damage to asphalt and concrete, but rock salt causes more damage to your car because it dries out faster.
  • Landscaping- The most effective ice melt will probably use magnesium chloride if you are concerned about damaging your landscaping.
  • Ice melts can be more expensive than rock salt.


The best way to remove snow from a large yard or patio is with a snowblower, probably a gas-powered two-stage or three-stage unit. Removing snow shouldn’t require much effort if the snow is smooth pouring. The best way to do this is with an excellent snow shovel.

Using a Deicer

To melt ice on your walk, use some form of deicer, or force it to break away from the surface.

However, a legitimate snow shoveling service like G.McNeill and Son will save you time and all the hassle.

Good Old Snow Shovels

As an option, you can always shovel snow yourself. Many people, however, lack time to accomplish this tedious task. Moreover, your patience will be tested, and you will be so stressed that you will have no energy left for the rest of the day.

Hire New England Snow Removal Professionals

Snow removal around Stoughton, Massachusetts, is our specialty. We also offer ice dam removal, roof snow removal, and residential snow removal at G.McNeill and Son Snow Removal. 

Our well-trained and equipped professionals will handle all your snow removal needs since a shovel can only do so much. Rather than trying to remove snow on your own in Stoughton, MA, talk to New England snow removal professionals. Winter storms can result in accidents or even deaths, especially during icy conditions. Besides, our trucks with plows, workers with shovels, and snow blowers are always on hand. Just let us know how big your property is and how fast you’d like the job done. 

For commercial property owners in New England and Boston, inclement weather can be incredibly challenging, especially if they have multiple properties needing inclement weather maintenance. G.McNeill & Son will handle them for you. Winter doesn’t have to slow you down. Contact our team of professionals to handle it.