Snow Plowing

Types of Snow Plows We Use

Whether it’s a couple of inches or a storm like a nor’easter on the forecast, the first thing that business owners think of is ensuring that the snow gets cleared in a quick, efficient and affordable way. That’s where commercial snow plowing from G. McNeill & Son comes in.

Our team of experts have more than 45 years of experience providing snow plowing services to businesses from Boston all the way out to the furthest part of the Massachusetts South Shore.

We provide plowing for a whole host of property types ranging from corporate & healthcare offices, parking areas and retail shopping centers to industrial properties, sports complexes and residential properties like condos & HOAs.

Snow Plowing Services

Our company allocates the best equipment and attachments that are most appropriate to meet the specific needs of each property that we service. As part of our pre-season assessment, we take a look all around your property to note what snow plows are needed to best handle its unique layout & challenges including walkways, curves and entrances & exits.

G. McNeill & Son has a fleet of heavy equipment that range from push boxes to trucks outfitted with v-plows & salters, the ultimate goal being that your property will be cleared efficiently down to the very last inch. We know how important it is for your property to go back to its intended use as soon as possible whether it’s housing customers, allowing for residents to come & go as they need to or enabling employees to resume working.

Our equipment is professionally maintained to minimize downtime and increase our level of service for you. Prior to a huge storm, we make sure that all of our trucks and attachments are in optimal condition to handle your needs.

Types of Snow Plows We Use

When assessing your property, we take a look at what snow plow(s) work best for your needs. There are 3 types of snow plows that we can use for your commercial snow management, the first being the straight plow which is designed for clearing out large & open spaces like parking lots and roadways.

There’s also a box or push plow, which plays the same role as a straight plow except it’s more commonly used as part of a skid steer or compact loader designed to traverse more challenging properties. The most versatile type is the V-plow because it’s able to change shapes from a V to a scoop & even similar to a straight plow to ensure all angles are covered.

Commercial Snow Plowing Contractor​

As a snow plowing contractor, we make sure that our plows are ready to take on any storm that Mother Nature brings to the Boston area. That’s why we employ a team of seasoned plow operators who are trained and dedicated to exceeding your commercial snow plowing needs.

Our operators work from detailed client-specific site maps showing all areas to be cleared, unique property conditions, client notes & snow pile locations. Each team member uses an app logging in and out of properties to provide a detailed report of location, date of visit, and time spent on the site.

G. McNeill & Son makes sure that our operators and clients receive updated weather reports while in the field and have 24/7 access to a live call in center during any winter storm to help with any unexpected inclement weather. Knowing what to prepare for will allow us to bring additional equipment as needed.

Member of the Snow & Ice Management Association

Plowing is just one part of the suite of snow removal services that we offer here at G. McNeill & Son. We’re a proud member of the Snow & Ice Management Association (SIMA) and Accredited Snow Contractors Association (ASCA) that can take care of your commercial snow removal needs for your business(es).

If you’re shopping for snow plowing companies in the greater Boston area, then contact us today and we can talk about what we can do for you and all of the properties that you manage including shoveling walkways, clearing roofs, managing ice and so much more.