How Your Property can Benefit from Parking Lot Maintenance

There are many crucial considerations in running your business. Customer satisfaction, profit and loss, keeping employees satisfied and working efficiently, and dozens of other priorities compete for your attention every day.  One thing that probably isn’t on your mind, at least until the next snowstorm, is parking lot maintenance. Have you stopped to consider that your parking lot is the very first impression your business makes on its customers? At McNeil & Son Contracting Group, Inc., we specialize in property and parking lot maintenance on the south shore. Our business is keeping your business operational and looking pristine.

Consider Parking Lot Maintenance on the South Shore

There are several reasons to consider hiring a company to perform routine parking lot maintenance. It gives a positive impression on your business when you have a well-maintained parking lot. Generally, customers will not notice a well-maintained parking lot, but a lot full of potholes, debris, or faded pavement will draw their attention. A clean and smooth surface for parking leaves the impression of an established and well-managed business. Other important considerations include:

Risk management 

Potholes, cracks, or ice and snow can make your parking lot a hazardous place for customers. In the northeast, the winters are hard on asphalt and concrete parking lots, and problems can appear quickly. If not addressed right away, what could have been an easy fix can turn into a substantial project to repair. Our climate also poses a significant risk in parking lots, including ice and snow. We not only remove snow, but we also de-ice the outside areas where customers will be walking. 

Customers injured because you did not practice due diligence in the maintenance of your parking lot are a potential litigation risk. Even if they do not sue, a dangerous parking lot is never the impression you want to leave with your customers. 

Protecting  your investment

Your parking lot was a substantial investment you made in your business. Failing to perform routine maintenance to protect that investment can lead to significant repair or replacement costs. Freeze and thaw cycles are particularly hard on parking lots and can cause damage that includes cracks, buckling, and potholes that can seem to form almost overnight. A protective seal-coating, reapplied as recommended, can help protect the life of your parking lot while keeping it looking new and fresh. 

Snow and ice removal

Living in the northeast means brutal winters. You do not close your business every time it snows, but how often is it difficult for your customers to park in your parking lot because of deep snow? At  G. McNeill & Son, we will create a snow response plan for your business. The response plan helps us decide, with input from you, the frequency of our snow removal and what all should be included in the service to keep your parking lot safe for customers. 

We will plow the main parking lot, but we also provide shoveling of pedestrian walkways, handicapped access ramps, and the entrance to your building. We use ice prevention measures and site inspections to make sure new icy areas do not pose a slip and fall risk for your employees or customers. 

We also provide a snow removal service. While most snow removal companies remove snow after the snow event, we will begin to remove snow from your lot during the event to leave plenty of room for parking, and to reduce the risk of ice forming as mounds of snow begin to melt and refreeze. We also know that mounds of dirty snow are not an attractive presence in your parking lot.

We save you the expense of having employees de-ice and shovel

If you have been using employee labor to remove snow from necessary areas, you will probably find that it is more cost-effective to have G. McNeill & Son remove snow and ice from your business. We have the proper tools, equipment, and training to clear your parking lot and walkways safely. 

It is unlikely that your employees are trained in safely removing snow and ice, posing a risk to themselves and potentially your customers if the job is not done correctly. Let us put our experience to work for you, to save you the time, hassle, and expense of snow and ice removal. 

G. McNeill & Son can Serve as Your One-Stop Shop for Business Maintenance

Instead of having to manage multiple contracts with different companies, we can perform all your business maintenance needs. We can perform interior and exterior building maintenance, fence installation and repairs, snow removal from your roof when needed, parking lot maintenance and repairs, and more. 

We pride ourselves on the number of customers who use us for all their business maintenance needs. Using one contractor allows you to know the contractor you call is reputable and will get the job done. Call (781) 344-4440 or visit our website to schedule a consultation about our parking lot maintenance on the South Shore or any other maintenance concerns you have.