Commercial Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing Services

First impressions are so important for any business and a big part of that is the presentation of your building(s). It doesn’t matter what your company’s reputation is within your industry since a building that is not immaculate could potentially turn off customers. That’s where G. McNeill & Son’s commercial pressure washing services come in for businesses in Boston and the South Shore of Massachusetts.

We provide our services to a number of property types such as:

  • Shopping plazas & retail
  • shopping centers
  • Restaurants
  • Convenience stores
  • Corporate offices
  • Bank branches
  • Gas stations
  • Multi-family & homeowner
  • associations (HOAs)

Commercial Power Washing

The most commonly requested type of building cleaning we perform are our commercial power washing services. That’s because New England is known for its harsh winter season, which can cause a lot of grime to accumulate throughout your business property that is a lot more noticeable once the snow melts away.

Some of the things that power washing can remove from the building(s) on your commercial property including:

  • Dirt & mud
  • Loose paint
  • Algae
  • Mold & mildew
  • Unwanted plantlife
  • Dust
  • Other naturally caused
  • discoloration

Most every business has some form of concrete, whether it’s part of the building itself, the walkway leading up to the front door or the parking lot where your employees, customers and clientele park. And making it clean can be quite hard without a power washer.

Using a combination of a bleach-free cleaning solution and water, the team of experts at G. McNeill and Son will power wash all of the concrete that has grime on it. The result is a building that looks like new, as if the ravages of nature haven’t touched it at all. And this stark contrast is especially prominent on white concrete.

One of the bigger eyesores on any building is rust, which is caused by acidic substances (most notably water) coming into contact with metal surfaces including iron and steel. And rust removal is key to making any building look as clean as possible since it gets rid of the discoloration.

Removing rust from any surface can be quite difficult due to how the oxidation process works. You can rely on our pressure washing services to ensure that the rust gets removed with a powerful stream of water in combination with a special cleaner.

Aluminum is commonly used in gutters and is still used on occasion in the modern day for building siding. Did you know that aluminum does not rust? That’s great, but it does corrode and causes unsightly stains that look a lot like rust. Much in the same way we remove rust, we can also deliver aluminum corrosion removal from your building(s).

Soft Washing

Another of the services we provide for our customers is soft washing. Soft washing works very similarly to pressure washing, except it uses a lower amount of water pressure to clean surfaces without the risk of damaging anything being cleaned.

This is ideal for power washing courts for sports such as tennis, outdoor basketball and handball since it will get rid of the unwanted debris while keeping the integrity of the lines on the court. Soft washing can also be helpful for sidewalk cleaning, which is an often neglected part of maintaining your property.

Fence Cleaning

Whether it’s made of wood, metal or vinyl, fence cleaning is an integral part of making your business shine. The same risk factors for your building(s) also come into play when it comes to your fencing.

With the use of our soft washing services, your fence will be clean without damaging the integrity of the panels. This treatment is also the recommended precursor if you’re looking to change the color of your fence with a paint or stain.

Pressure Washing Boston MA

G. McNeill and Son is a family owned and operated business that has been providing pressure washing service for business owners for more than 45 years over multiple generations. And so many companies choose us because of the quality of the work that we deliver.

Commercial pressure washing is only one of the many services we offer to our customers. Some of our other offerings include:

  • Commercial fence installation
  • Parking lot maintenance
  • Construction & repairs
  • Interior & exterior building maintenance
  • Snow removal services

Contact our team of experts today to get a quote for your business’s power washing needs! We will treat you like family anytime you call on us.